Hi! I'm Martin Sternberg. I am a multi disciplined artist. I draw, paint, sculpt, and animate.

I live and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I develop different visual techniques for each project I do. This way my style is not one, but many.


Drawing is my elementary state.

I'll always be in love with painting. It is my way to break through metaphysical dilemmas, except when I am doing commissions.

Acrylics make my surreal side come to speak.

Sculpture is what I would love to be doing all the time, but space and time won't let me.

I design and animate for a living. I spent more than 10 years developing animation and design projects. I've worked for brands such as The Coca-Cola Company, Audi, Samsung, Adidas, among others.
"Freedom is what I pursue when I am working. Self-awareness is what I usually get."

See my motion graphic works here.

Once in a while I like to post a story about me, my work or art in general.

Visit my blog here.