About me

Hi! I'm Martin Sternberg. I am a multi disciplined artist. I draw, paint, sculpt, and animate.

I live and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like to develop different visual techniques for each and every project I do. This way my style is not one, but many.

First of all without drawing I couldn't exist. This is my elementary state. My love for oil painting is a romantic one, where I like to believe I am a realist trying to break through metaphysical dilemmas, except when I am doing commissions. Acrylics make my surreal side come to speak. Sculpture is what I would love to be doing all the time, but space and time won't let me.

I design and animate for a living. I spent more than 10 years developing different animation and design projects for several brands, campaigns, and products.

"Freedom is what I pursue when I am working. Self-awareness is what I usually get."